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Fourth grader Kimberly Elliott saw a television commercial seeking donations for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and decided to ask some of her friends at Ivy Prep Kirkwood School for Girls to join her in a fund-raising campaign.

“I wanted to help people,” Elliott said. “St. Jude Hospital helps over 16,000 kids a year. Some of them have cancer.”

Elliott told her classmates Mikalah Smith and Tianna Watt about St. Jude hospital.

The Tennessee-based medical center provides free services to children with catastrophic childhood diseases. It also covers food, housing, and travel expenses for the families of its patients. According to the hospital’s website, cancer treatments invented at St. Jude, which opened 50 years ago, have increased the childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to more than 80 percent.

“Kimberly asked us to help her raise money for St. Jude Hospital, and we thought it was a great idea,” said Watt.

The three then contacted Jeannie McCree, the parent coordinator for Ivy Prep Kirkwood School for Girls, and asked her to make the drive a school project. The girls have raised nearly $350 in donations from teachers, support staff, and parents. Scholars who participated in Spirit Week also donated $2 to support St. Jude.

Principal Sherry Miller said that she was proud of the fourth graders for launching the effort.

“At Ivy Prep, we teach our scholars to be leaders and community servants,” Miller said. “I am proud of our scholars who led and contributed to the campaign to help St. Jude.”

To contribute to the fund, contact Ms. McCree at 404-622-2727.


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