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Enrollment at Ivy Prep

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Why Enroll at Ivy Prep?

1. Community

Single-Gender: All Ivy Prep schools operate on a single-gender model, creating learning communities catered to the needs of each scholar.

Small Community: Ivy Prep’s enrollment is about one-fourth that of surrounding schools with an average 1:20 teacher-to-student ratio. Teachers, parents, and administration are in constant communication, and everyone will know your child’s name.

House System: Ivy Prep scholars build community through the House System, which encourages school pride, community service, and interaction across different grade levels.

2. Culture

No Distraction Environment: Ivy Prep actively works to remove all distractions to learning while maintaining a safe, supportive, and positive atmosphere.

Culture Week: All Ivy Prep scholars are given the skills to succeed before the first day of instruction begins. Newly enrolled scholars spend a week learning about school-wide expectations and Ivy Prep’s culture of college success.

Sweat the Small Stuff: If it interferes with learning or school culture, no issue is too small for teachers and administrators to address.

Uniforms: To keep scholars focused on learning and maintaining a professional appearance, Ivy Prep maintains a strict uniform policy.

3. College

Ivy Prep Mission: Within a structured and supportive environment, Ivy Prep develops elementary, middle, and high schools students into thoroughly equipped scholars who are prepared to enter and succeed in the colleges and universities of their choice.

Double Math / English Language Arts Courses: To provide the best possible foundation for college success, Ivy Prep devotes extra time to math and English language arts instruction. Every Ivy Prep scholar takes two math courses and two English language arts courses every quarter, every semester, every year.

6 Weeks Extra Instruction: Ivy Prep’s extended school day, after school Homework Support, Saturday Academy, and Culture Week provide a total of 6 weeks of extra instruction every year. Over a three-year period, our scholars receive an extra semester of instruction.

Frequent Field Trips: Ivy Prep seeks to expose scholars to a variety of cultural activities throughout their academic career, including theatre trips, museum visits, and other interactive experiences.

4. Cost (FREE!)

100% Free: Ivy Prep is a 100% free, 100% public charter school for residents of Gwinnett and DeKalb counties. Ivy Prep operates almost entirely on state funding. There is no tuition and no strict admissions requirements–just an application.

Are you ready to enroll?

If you’ve decided Ivy Prep is the right place for your child, click the button below to start the process. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Ivy Prep family!

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July Enrollment Updates

Gwinnett for Girls

As of July 18, Ivy Preparatory Academy still has seats available in grades 7 and 8. Scholars entering 6th grade will be placed on the current Wait List. However, we still encourage parents to apply, as seats may become available before the start of the academic year. Additionally, scholars entering grades 9-12 will also be placed on the High School Wait List.

Kirkwood for Girls / Young Men’s Leadership Academy

As of July 18, all grades have a Wait List. The length of the Wait List varies by grade. Please contact the registrar, Gabriel Haggray, with any questions (

I have been pleased with the school and their progress.My nephew has been challenged with the work in a positive way at Ivy Prep after leaving a private school. If they continue down the current path, they will definitely become a top school in DeKalb County. Parent at Young Men's Leadership Academy

My daughter attends IPA and what I love most about the school is how much her teachers care about her success. Sometimes when she loses motivation, there is always a teacher who encourages her and reminds her of her abilities. Unlike her large school in Gwinnett, her teachers at IPA do not accept failure or low expectations of their students. My daughter is not just another student at IPA. Her teachers know who she is as a person and that makes me as a parent feel like she is in the right place!

Gwinnett for Girls Parent

My daughter loves IPA and so do I. This is her first year here, and I must say that I am pleased. I took a gamble pulling her from her previous school, but I have found a school where she is loved for who she is yet pushed to be a better her. I love, love, love her teacher!

Parent at Kirkwood for Girls

I contemplated whether or not to send my daughter to Shiloh Middle School or Ivy Prep. I am thoroughly happy and very satisfied with this school. My daughter is learning far beyond the normal GC curriculum. She feels very safe at school and looks forward to going each and everyday. I love how you can be a part of your child’s education as well as, being encouraged to volunteer at events. Ivy Prep gives you a top notch private school type of education for FREE!!!! The environment is small and your child is known by her name. You are doing your daughter an injustice by NOT sending her to this school. Ivy Prep offers an amazing learning environment like no other. Amazed Parent,

Ms. K. Barnes