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Founder’s Daughter First Ivy Prep Scholar Accepted To College

Seven years ago, Brittany Gilbert was the first sixth grader to enroll in Ivy Preparatory Academy, Georgia’s first single-gender public charter school. Now, as a senior at Ivy Prep, Gilbert has achieved another milestone. She is the first to be accepted to college.

Gilbert, 17, was accepted to Hampton University, her top college choice, recently during Steve Harvey’s Neighborhood Awards
Expo at the Georgia World Congress Center. Hampton University admissions officials recruiting students at the Expo’s College Fair interviewed Gilbert, looked over her application and transcripts, and gave her a letter of acceptance to take home with her.

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Ivy Prep “Saturday Swag Days” are back!

Starting in October, the first Saturday of every month is Ivy Prep Saturday Swag Day! We’re asking all scholars, parents, and staff to put on their favorite Ivy Prep t-shirt while they’re out in the community. Take a photo while you’re out in your spirit wear and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Prizes will be awarded each month to the best, most creative entries.

Next Saturday Swag Day: October 4, 2014

BETA Club and National Junior Honor Society

Ivy Preparatory Academy at Gwinnett would like to congratulate our 7th and 8th grade scholars for their academic achievement. A number of our scholars have qualified both for BETA Club (3.5 GPA or higher) as well as the National Junior Honor Society (3.7 GPA or higher).


  • 7th Grade: 39% of scholars
  • 8th Grade: 45% of scholars

National Junior Honor Society

  • 7th Grade: 28% of scholars
  • 8th Grade: 36% of scholars

Additionally, 20% of Ivy Prep 7th graders qualified for the Duke TIP Program.

Duke TIP is a global leader in identifying academically gifted students and providing them with opportunities to support their development. Find out what these TIPsters had to say about their Talent Search experience.
– from the Duke TIP web site.

Great job, scholars!

2014-2015 Team Ivy Basketball and Cheer Teams


Please see the list of team members listed below for the 2014-2015 Team Ivy Basketball and Cheer Teams. We will host a parent and scholar athlete meeting on each campus on the following dates listed below. This meeting is mandatory and should be accompanied with the fees associated for each team. The completion of departmental paperwork will occur along with discussions from the coaching staff and Athletic Director with reviewing the departmental handbook.

Gwinnett Parent & Scholar-Athlete Meeting for Basketball & Cheerleading
Monday, September 22, 2014
IPA Gwinnett Cafe
5:00 PM

Kirkwood Parent & Scholar-Athlete Meeting for Basketball & Cheerleading
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
IPA Kirkwood Gym
5:00 PM

Gwinnett Girls Basketball Team Roster:

Mya Matthews
Raijene Murphy
Madison Doss
Elana Taylor
Lauren Edwards
Kyler Woods
Londe Hall
Jade Gordon
Janet Fasesin
Karlynn Kerry
Kenia Calderon
Taylin Williams
Alex Pearson
Daijah Figgures
Jasmine Weathersby-Alexander


Amara Noble
Jahayla Curry-Williams

Gwinnett Cheerleading Team Roster:

Deja Green
Courtney Everett
Jade Whitaker
Carolynn Louis
Alanna Ramsoondar
Alyssa Francis
Nakesha Pickens
Kayla Williams
Makiya Reid
Shakayla Hadden
Indya Howard
Nia Madden
Kirstin Edwards
Asiyah Pearson
Summer Wgsinger

Kirkwood Boys Basketball Team Roster:

Kenneth Johnson

Titus Hand
Justin Jackson
Jovon Howard
Tywun Daniel
Syrus Kee
Noah Evans
Javion Leek
Jalen Leek
Christopher Culbreath
Franc Spears
Travarous Alexander
Cameron Florence
Mohamad Diallo
Jimari Monro

Kirkwood Cheerleading Team Roster:

Jadyn Shoulars
Makayla Lewis
Kennedy Jenkins
Mackenzie Gates
Gabrielle Jennings
Destiny Crocker
Remari Watkins
Mariah Monroe
Tonina Lima
Jocelyn Williams
Ezraella Clark
Jessica Tinch

School-Parent Compact 2014-2015

Ivy Preparatory Academy, scholars participating in the Title I, Part A program, and their families, agree that this compact outlines how the parents, the entire school staff, and the scholars will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement as well as describes how school and parents will build and develop a partnership that will help children achieve the State’s high standards.

Download the School-Parent Compact (.pdf)

My Ivy Journey: Senior Angel Hodo

On the first day of sixth grade at Ivy Prep Academy, Angel Hodo knew that she had found a school that would help her to build a foundation for her future.

It didn’t matter that Ivy Prep was still in its infancy and classes were temporarily being held in a church until the new school opened in an office park. It was the learning environment that intrigued her – the focus on college, the academic rigor, the single-gender classrooms. Ivy Prep was a place where girls could feel free to ask questions, be smart and show leadership, Hodo said. “When the school first started, a lot of girls I met stated that their parents made them come,” Hodo said.

“They really didn’t know that much about the school. For me, it was different. I actually made the decision to come here. I wanted to meet new people and be away from the drama and other distractions of my old public school.”

Hodo said she came to Ivy Prep as a shy B-C student. In sixth grade, she changed her work and study habits and saw her grades improve. Now, as a senior, Hodo takes honors classes and earns A’s and B’s. The senior class president is on track to complete her high school education in May as a member of Ivy Prep’s first graduating class.

Ivy Prep’s focus on teaching, learning and academic support helped Hodo to gain confidence in herself as a scholar. “The first few months of middle school, I had to have homework support,” she said. “Being able to ask the teachers a lot of questions really helped me.”

Hodo left Ivy Prep to try freshman year at a traditional public high school. She returned a year later because she missed the structure, the work ethic, and the culture of high expectations.

“My grades weren’t as good as I expected them to be freshman year at my other public school, “ Hodo said. “I came back to Ivy Prep sophomore year to better my grades. At Ivy Prep, I learn a lot better, and I can focus better because there aren’t as many distractions. Over the years at Ivy Prep, I learned to work harder and to push myself.”

The decision to come back to Ivy Prep, says Hodo, meant giving up a traditional high school experience of Friday football games and formal dances. But Hodo believes she is getting something more valuable in return. Ivy Prep is a direct pipeline to college, and that is something that is more important than a homecoming dance, she said.

“It’s better now to go get your education while you are in high school and then enjoy the fun stuff later,” Hodo said. “When you go to college there will be plenty of time for that. I’m here to get to the college of my choice.”

Hodo is studying for the SAT so that she lands at a good school. She plans to stay close to home and apply to Kennesaw State University, Georgia State University, and West Georgia College and State University. She plans to major in business management and minor in psychology. The functions of the brain fascinate her.

“I envision myself running my own practice,” Hodo said. “I want to be a counselor because I like working with kids and adults.”

With a diploma from IPA, Hodo believes she will be successful at any college she chooses. “Ivy Prep pushes you further and motivates you to want to change. You actually become the student that you want to be.”

Back to Business: Students, Staff Settle Into Teaching And Learning

Ivy Prep Academy Scholars Back On Campus And Ready To Learn

Returning scholars at Ivy Preparatory Academy Network schools settled into the familiar routine of classes, homework, and planning for college as school resumed for upperclassmen last week.

Ivy Prep enrolls nearly 1,000 scholars in its Gwinnett and DeKalb county campuses. Enrollment has more than doubled among high school students this academic year as Ivy Prep’s high school, which offers an innovative blended curriculum of traditional and online instruction, was expanded to Kirkwood’s School for Girls and Ivy Prep’s Young Men’s Leadership Academy.

The Class of 2015 is scheduled to graduate on May 23. IPA’s first senior class has 11 scholars, including several students who have been at IPA since it opened during their sixth grade year. Seniors will receive individualized attention to help them stay on track for graduation and get accepted to the colleges of their choice.

“I think they are ready to go to college, but they know they have to get there first,” said Chelsea Henderson, a high school math teacher in Gwinnett who recently joined the staff. “This will be an exciting year for them.”

A back-to-school slumber party was held in Gwinnett to build school spirit and allow students to re-connect with friends.

Administrators on both campuses are seeking the aid of parents, community leaders, and business partners to help Ivy Prep host more activities for scholars and enhance academic and arts programs.

During a recent Lunch & Learn session, Mrs. Victoria Wiley, executive director of IPA Network, also enlisted the help of community partners from the YMCA; the Atlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce; the Georgia Center for Opportunity; STEMchicks (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics); and Primerica, among others, to assist with enrollment outreach. Representatives of the business and community groups agreed to post IPA marketing and enrollment materials in their offices. Select grades on the Gwinnett and DeKalb county campuses of IPA still have room to accommodate additional students. If Gwinnett adds another 100 scholars to the roster, for example, the growth could bring another $1 million to the budget to educate scholars.

“No matter what your zip code or your background is, we want to bring you into our school and make your dreams come true,” Wiley said. “What we have to offer should have every single girl in Gwinnett County walking through our door.”

Ivy Prep offers scholars a single-gender environment with extended days, an extended year, and double doses of math and language arts classes to help scholars work toward mastering core subjects. IPA has an aggressive enrollment campaign to keep students in the pipeline. Word of mouth is one of the most successful strategies in recruiting new scholars. Administrators said one parent came to Ivy Prep this school year after learning about IPA in a conversation they had on an airplane. Others have found Ivy Prep online or been referred by family.

Last week, Wiley and a group of parents visited neighborhoods in North Gwinnett to spread the word about IPA. Administrators are seeking more volunteers to help with enrollment outreach. School officials said they would make themselves available to speak about IPA at community forums, special events, and sorority or fraternity meetings.

Michael Hill of the Atlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce pledged his support to assist IPA with its special programs and enrollment efforts this school year. “I have a vested interest,” said Hill, who has a sixth grader at Ivy Prep who began classes on Aug. 4. “I like the culture and the accountability of Ivy Prep and the high expectations set for students. I’ve already seen growth and maturity in my daughter.”

Partnering with Ivy Prep can be mutually beneficial for businesses, organizations, and the school. Ivy Prep families can support community partners as volunteers and patrons. Business and community groups can utilize classroom space for meetings and have access to volunteers for their events. High school scholars are required to have 100 community service hours. Parents at IPA also are required to log 15 volunteer hours to support IPA programs.

“Ivy Prep is looking to become a resource for the community and to serve our neighbors,” Wiley said. “Even though we are a small school, we have a big heart.”

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