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Parents and faculty celebrated the induction of more than 150 new Ivy Scholars at Ivy Preparatory Academy Kirkwood School for Girls recently.

The New Scholars Ceremony formally welcomed all new students as scholars of IPA. The ceremony followed a week of Culture Week classes, which included lessons on the history and culture of high expectations at IPA. Scholars sang the school song and shared what they learned about IPA during their first week of school.

Mrs. Robin May, the wife of the interim DeKalb County CEO Lee May, was guest speaker for the event.

Dr. Charcia Nichols, principal of IPA Kirkwood, and her assistant principal, Ms. Pelita Merideth, presented new scholars with ivy plants. “This ceremony is the official launch into lifelong scholarship,” Dr. Nichols told scholars. 

“At Ivy Prep, we are serious about preparing our scholars for college and doing whatever it takes to let them know that their time at Ivy is meant to develop them to succeed at any college of university of their choice, “ the principal said.

Dr. Nichols then challenged scholars to show the strength of the ivy as they tackle their studies and overcome the obstacles that get in their way. IPA’s “Prep Values” encourage scholars to show perseverance, responsibility, engagement, and professionalism at school and in their communities.

Guest speaker May encouraged scholars to work hard at school and tap into the “greatness” that lies within.

“I am not confused about who I am standing in front of,” she said. “I realize there is greatness in front of me. I believe that some of the most brilliant minds in the world are sitting in front of me. The fact that you are beautiful is just icing on the cake. When you begin to blossom into exactly what God created you to be, I want you to remember the name Robin May and that I realized that there is greatness in this room.”

May told scholars to look at their hands and see the potential for success.

“Do you know that greatness can be in your hands, greatness can be in your mind, and greatness can be in your heart and you don’t even know it,” May said. “The person who could come up for a cure for cancer could be standing before me … Once you realize that greatness in is you, you will be able to climb high and go very far, just like the ivy.”

Alisha T. Morgan, executive director of IPA, thanked parents for entrusting IPA with the education of their daughters. She said that they will see the choice pay off in scholarship opportunities for their children.

“Your parents and your family members have made an excellent choice,” Morgan told scholars. “What we expect from you is to do your very best. When you stand up every morning in school and you offer that Scholars Creed and you say words like ‘I study hard and study longer because that’s what scholars do,’ remember this picture today of all the people who are surrounding you, loving you, and embracing you, and expect great things. You are part of a group of great trailblazing women and we expect nothing less from you.”



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