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Q: Why did you want to become an educator?

A: I have always had a passion for working with kids and leading them in the right direction. I have been an educator for eight years. Everyday that I wake up I am happy with my choice. I began my career working as a teacher in Miami Dade Public Schools. I taught sixth and eighth grade English. I think that rigor is important and necessary to prepare students for college. I also like to have fun. No one ever said that learning should be boring.

Q: Why did you want to work at IPA?

A: I came to Ivy Prep in 2009 as a seventh grade English teacher. I was attracted to the school because it has a very unique model that resonated very well with who I am and what I believe that a school should be. A school should be a structured environment that is not only preparing students to be academically savvy, but also socially savvy. It should equip them to be contributing citizens in a global society. I am ecstatic about the growth and success of scholars at Ivy Prep Gwinnett. I was promoted as an assistant principal in 2011 and got to see some of the girls that I taught graduate this year. We recently celebrated the commencement of our inaugural senior class. The Class of 2015 had a 100 percent graduation rate and a 100 percent college placement rate. It was very heartwarming to see them walk across the stage.

Q: Are you excited about your promotion?

A: Yes. My first experience with a school principal as a new teacher in Miami really inspired me to want to work as an administrator. She told me the ins and outs of what I would need to be a successful teacher. She was supportive and encouraging. I try to be the same way with my staff. I will lead our teachers and scholars to the best of my abilities and make sure that they get what they need to be successful. We will increase rigor, parent involvement, and launch programs that train scholars for careers by exposing them to internships.

Q: You often say that Ivy Prep “sweats” the small stuff. What do you mean by that?

A: At IPA we have high expectations for scholars. We require that they come to school dressed professionally in uniforms and are ready to learn. We require that they are respectful to teachers and their fellow classmates. We require scholars to follow the Code of Conduct, complete their homework assignments, and we push them to excel. Our mission is to prepare our scholars for success at the colleges and universities of their choice. It’s important that scholars learn that the small things -­‐ attitude, appearance, ambition, and commitment -­‐ really matter. They are the things that can help to determine someone’s fate.

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