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Scholars at Ivy Prep Academy Kirkwood School for Girls  learned to compete in track and field events on a new team that encourages fitness and good sportsmanship this spring.

More than 30 scholars joined the track team to build their endurance as runners and Ivy Scholars. The young athletes competed at meets on Saturdays at Adams Stadium at 2383 North Druid Hills Road in Atlanta.

“The team progressed very nicely,” said Kristen Hill, head coach of the Monarchs’ track team. “We worked on our endurance and the small things that made the difference. Our girls placed in several events and races.”

The Monarchs have won mostly second-and-third- place awards in their meets. Assistant Track Coach Omari Price said that the way the team advanced in their conditioning and agility, he anticipates that the girls will continue to win next season.

“We taught the girls proper running techniques, form, and how to get past those moments of fatigue when you feel like quitting,” he said.

The team trained together after school. The workout built bonds between the girls and taught them life lessons.

“It’s always great to be active,” Hill said. “Track is a scholarship sport. If you get good at a young age, this is a sport that can take you to college.”

Ivy Prep parents are an integral part of the track team. They created signs to wave from the stands and cheered on Monarchs as they raced by.

Patricia Ladsen clapped loudly as her daughters competed in events. “My daughters wanted to join the track team so they could be ‘Ivy Strong,’ ” Ladsen said “I am very proud of them.”

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