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IPA Gwinnett sixth grader Ami Dodd-Mungin won second place in visual arts at the Reflections Arts Competition last month sponsored by the PTSA of Gwinnett County Schools, the state’s largest school system serving nearly 180,000 students.

Dodd-Mungin’s entry “Healing,” a self-portrait and reflection on her life since the loss of her father in 2014, received an “Honorable Mention” ribbon for a second-place finish in the visual arts drawing category.

The sixth grader was the first IPA scholar chosen to represent her school at the district level Reflections competition. She advanced to the district competition after winning first place in the visual arts and photography categories at Ivy Preparatory Academy’s Reflections Art competition in October.

“It’s really exciting,” said Dodd-Mungin. “It’s a huge accomplishment for me. It just shows me what I’m capable of. I am very happy that other people liked my art enough to give me a ribbon. Next year, I hope to advance to the state level.”

Dodd-Mungin’s self-portrait and photo entries were displayed in a Reflections Arts Competition exhibit at Duluth High School with other submissions from across the county. A representative from the PTSA at Ivy Prepratory Academies was among those in attendance.

The winners of the district level competition were chosen by a panel of independent judges from the arts community.


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