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In social studies classes at Ivy Preparatory Academy Gwinnett, Ricardo Brown challenges scholars to learn after hours using technology they would use in a business environment.

Scholars continue the lessons they begin in class by calling into a teleconference line for a review of the standard and enrichment opportunities. Mr. Brown leads the lecture and provides more in-depth information about the standards he teaches. If scholars have questions, a student serving as the meeting’s “executive director” introduces them into the conversation. They must email the questions first for her review.

The “Flip Model Classroom” strategy gives scholars greater ownership of their studies, Brown said.

“The Flip Model Classroom works on the college level,” he said. “It’s a way for me to be able to push their knowledge and challenge them to be independent learners.”

As many as 25 scholars called into the conference line recently to listen to a lecture on Standard SS8H11 about civil rights leaders in Georgia. The lecture covered the life of  Martin Luther King Jr., the work of the  legendary educator Benjamin Mays, and the successes of former Gov. S. Ernest Vandiver Jr., who is credited for integrating public schools in Georgia.

“Many of the scholars have seen their parents dial into a phone conference for work,” Brown said. “Scholars get that same experience. They learn to be better note-takers and how to handle themselves on a business call. It makes them feel like adults, and it integrates technology to keep them engaged in what they learn.”



Brown has used the Flip Model Classroom method twice to help boost comprehension and test scores. He has seen double digit gains as high as 21 points for some scholars.

Scholar Maya Woodfork said she enjoys the method. Scholars are tested on the material they learn over the phone when they return to class for a review session.

“It helps you understand what you should be studying at home before a test,” Woodfork said.

Ivy Scholar Makayla Donald agrees. The strategy makes her feel like a college student in a virtual class. “It gives you good listening and communication skills. And it helps you to get to know your classmates a lot better.”




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