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Ivy Preparatory Academy Gwinnett could add more than 150 new students next school year as the charter school prepares to welcome its largest class of sixth graders in years.

Enrollment is projected to grow district-wide in 2017-18. Applicants for Ivy Prep Gwinnett have all been accepted for the new school year even though there was enough interest to host a separate lottery, administrators said.

Ivy Prep Superintendent Alisha T. Morgan said the record number of applications for IPA Gwinnett has caused the school to expand the enrollment for sixth grade.

“When we opened the enrollment season for the 2017-18 school year, we received nearly 1,000 applications from families who wanted their girls to become Ivy Scholars,” said Superintendent Morgan. “The historic number of applications is ringing endorsement of the work that we are doing to prepare scholars for success in school and in life.”

Interest in Georgia’s first public charter school network for girls quadrupled in 2017 following dynamic changes to the academic structure, faculty, and leadership of Ivy Prep.The curriculum at Ivy Prep Kirkwood and Ivy Preparatory Academy Gwinnett is now linked to state and national standards of academic excellence. Classroom instruction is individualized, accelerated, and data-driven based on student performance on online assessments. And scholars, as well as teachers, attend weekly professional development sessions to improve teaching and learning and promote community service.

School leaders say the improvements resulted in a flood of applications to enroll for the 2017-18 school year. The network currently has more than 500 students.

Jacob Cole, chief of staff at Ivy Preparatory Academies, called the flood of applications “an unprecedented best for the network.”

Ivy Preparatory Academies, Georgia’s first public charter school network for girls, challenges students with a college preparatory curriculum that includes an extended school day, an extended school year, college tours, and an accelerated academic program for advanced learners. Each scholar receives an individualized success plan that includes performance data and personal goals to help them stay on track for success in high school and college.

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