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ATLANTA — Administrators at Ivy Preparatory Academy Kirkwood School for Girls will hold a special ceremony at 7:25 a.m. Friday to announce impressive gains made on the Georgia College and Career Ready Performance Index. More than 400 students, faculty, and supporters will gather for the “big reveal.”

The Georgia Department of Education’s school efficiency and performance rating shows that IPA Kirkwood’s elementary school saw a 96 percent increase in its CCRPI score in 2017. The school received a rating is 85.1, the equivalent of a “B.” The score is 41.7 points higher than the 2016 rating of 43.4.

The middle school at IPA Kirkwood School for Girls also saw significant gains in its CCRPI score. The school received an 81.9 rating, which is 12.3 points higher than the previous year of 69.6 or an increase of nearly 18 percent.

“We are super excited about the scores,” said Dr. Charcia Nichols, principal of IPA Kirkwood School for Girls. “The teachers, parents, and scholars trusted the process of intentional teaching and learning. We made gains because we worked hard and focused on what’s best for children. We made it so.”

IPA Superintendent Alisha T. Morgan said she was “extremely proud” of the new scores and the work that faculty, staff, scholars, and parents put in to turn around the academic climate at the school. The gains were made with limited resources.

“When I arrived in 2015, the picture looked grim to so many. We knew the potential of our scholars and that if we made the tough decisions that are in the best interest of our girls, we could turn the school around,” Morgan said. “We overhauled our teacher hiring system, engaged stakeholders in selecting a high-performing principal, and we put a strong academic program in place. There were many nights of tears, and days we didn’t know how we would overcome the many obstacles we faced, but we did it. I am extremely proud of our scholars, teachers, and school leadership for their hard work and dedication.”

The curriculum at Ivy Prep was also overhauled and linked to state and national standards of academic excellence during the 2016-17 school year. The changes impacted teaching and learning.

Classroom instruction is individualized, accelerated, and data-driven based on student performance. Scholars, as well as teachers, attend frequent professional development sessions designed to improve the academic climate and promote community engagement.

“I am pleased to see that the hard work of many people paid off,” Morgan added. “What we have accomplished demonstrates what happens when you truly put scholars first and align your resources, your human capital, and leadership around their needs. And as the mother of an Ivy scholar who did not enjoy school prior to coming to Ivy Prep, it’s gratifying watching her flourish as both her parent and Superintendent.”

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