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Eighth grade scholars at Ivy Preparatory Academy Gwinnett studied Newton’s Third Law in a physics lab recently. According to the law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Science teacher Felicite Nguessan led scholars in an experiment using a ping pong ball and a blow dryer to test Newton’s theory. The experiment showed how force between objects can cause one to push or pull as a result of its interaction with another object.

“I learned that since earth has gravity everything is automatically pulled down,” said Mackenzie Skeene, an eighth grader at IPA Gwinnett. “The more newtons, the greater the force. Without the blow dryer, gravity would automatically pull the ping pong ball down. If you are pointing the blow dryer up, it will blow the ping pong ball up. ”

“It was a fun experiment,” said Jedidah Titus, who partnered with Skeene in the lab.

Ivy Preparatory Academy's photo.
Ivy Preparatory Academy's photo.
Ivy Preparatory Academy's photo.



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